Motorist behaviour will drive down whiplash injury claim

Road Safety Week

APIL has claimed that the best way to reduce whiplash injury and the like, occurring on UK roads is to improve motorist behaviour and with this week being Road Safety Week there is no better time to drive that message home.

For the past few months they have been running their own ‘Back Off’ campaign which is designed to encourage drivers to be mindful of how close they are driving to the vehicle in front of them and they see this week as a particularly important one to push that message home.

Matthew Stockwell, who is the President of APIL emphasised this, saying: “If the crash doesn’t happen in the first place, there will be no painful whiplash injury, no compensation claim, and no chance of picking up a £100 penalty – it’s that simple.”

He went on to advise motorists when driving to ask themselves whether or not driving closer to the driver in front will in fact get them to their destination quicker and to back off when they realise the answer is a resounding no.

With winter well and truly kicking in this is the time of year where accidents are more likely due to the road conditions being compromised by the elements, which is why APIL feel that it is more important than ever for people to take heed of their campaign.

You can watch APIL‘s anti-tailgating cartoon ‘A Lesson in Social Graces‘ here and support their campaign on their Facebook page.

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