Mother endures 4 needless rounds of chemotherapy for tumour

A mother of two has had to endure 4 rounds of chemotherapy which wasn’t necessary following a simple online search. The therapy which was given to her she later found out had never been used to treat the type of tumour she had.

Unproven treatment

Lincolnshire based Jodi Huggett, a Business Development Director has taken legal action following 4 treatments of chemotherapy on a tumour treated using unproven methods.

Doctors told Jodi a few years ago that she had bowel cancer, a rare type only seen in North America and only affecting those over 60. Having been informed the doctors weren’t experienced on dealing with her type of cancer; they recommended her get part of her bowel removed (which was successful) before beginning chemotherapy.

During her chemo she experienced low energy, cold extremities and internal pain from the treatment. She describes herself as being “on her knees” and almost unwilling to enter a 5th stint to save her the pain of treatment. It was at that point she decided to research her cancer type only to discover a blog referencing the Royal Free Hospital in London which went against what her doctors had recommended.

After questioning the chemotherapy she was told that it had never been proven to work on a tumour like hers. Shocked and extremely upset, she went for checks at the Royal London Free Hospital which revealed she was in fact cancer free and had been suffering for nothing.

Misdiagnosed cancer patient suffers unnecessary treatment

Costs of care

In a case like Jodi’s it is important to remember the seriousness of her situation. While the bowel operation was successful in ridding the threat, the rest of the treatment was completely unnecessary and had the potential to prove fatal.

Due to her finding the truth behind the unnecessary treatment she was able to put a stop to it before it reached that far, but, as expected with chemotherapy, it already had begun to affect her body and cause damage. She’d already endured months of internal pain as well as low self esteem. Something she shouldn’t have had to endure.

In a legal setting this is where Scott Rees & Co would be required to step in. The damage suffered during the treatment would be much more than financial for Jodi. She was required to quit her job, get help around the house and suffer mental health worries. She dealt with very difficult issues like mortality and her young children possibly facing life without their mother.

In cases like Jodi’s, law firms would assemble a team designed to find out the true cost of an injury. The teams usually consist of experts who can recommend any further treatment, rehabilitation, physical and emotional therapy as well as financial assistance from the loss of earnings and planning of future care costs needed to rehabilitate.

Misdiagnosis claims - Scott Rees & Co

While this is not a common incident, medical negligence can be serious regardless of the initial wrongdoing. If you, a family member or friend have suffered at the hands of doctors then you are entitled to seek justice for your injuries.

Our specialist team of medical negligence solicitors have years of experience and can help plan life following injury as well as look into care options and financial reimbursement for time away from work and further treatment needed. We offer a no win no fee service which allows you piece of mind to know you won’t be charged if your claim is unsuccessful (we do however hold our good success rate in high regard).

You can get in touch either via our online form here or you can call our team for free, impartial, conscientious advice on 01695 722 222. We understand serious injuries like medical injuries can be difficult to overcome but with a strong team like Scott Rees & Co to support you, we can help bring you justice for any injury suffered wrongly.


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