Managing Partner meets Shadow Employment Minister Stephen Timms

Shadow employment minister Stephen Timms

Scott Rees & Co’s Managing Partner, Royston Smith and Human Resources Manager, Pauline Shaw met with the Shadow Employment Minister, Stephen Timms last week in Ormskirk for a special round-the-table event to discuss issues such as apprenticeships, training access to the job market and the government’s work programme among other things.

The Shadow Employment Minister, Stephen Timms MP said: “I take a great deal from visiting places like West Lancashire; it helps how we as the Labour party shape our policies for the benefit of local economies.”

Scott Rees do a lot in regards to the local community and have over the years provided sponsorship and support to many different local sports teams, organisation and charity events.

Managing Partner Royston Smith said: “It is great that we can be a part of events like these as we are very committed to the local area and are always looking for way to improve the services we offer the people who live here. We have always tried to support the local community and this is something we will strive to do moving into the future.”

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