Lollipop patrols – A vital safety service

A young schoolgirl from Rutherglen, near Glasgow, who was hit by a car at a location where a lollipop patrol was recently abandoned by the local council, has suffered a serious head injury, including some very severe scars across her scalp.

The incident has raised questions over the decision to remove the patrol and certainly sheds some light on why lollipop patrols are essential for the safety of younger pedestrians.

Crossing guards are to be respected say authorities

Care providers

Drivers most likely have a ‘so and so’ relationship with crossing guards. Of course giving safe passage to school children is a good thing,  but when you are in a rush or running late for work and it is you that is stopped,, it can be hard not to feel frustrated  that your journey has been hampered.

However, it is that very urge to get from A to B as quickly as possible that make lollipop guards vital to the community, as the protect vulnerable users from drivers in a hurry. If a driver is in a rush, they may not notice pedestrians wanting to cross. While a driver is responsible for having peripheral vision and awareness of the road ahead, circumstances do not always give us the easiest view from the driver’s seat.

A luminous coat clad public servant holding a large luminous ‘STOP’ sign massively increases a driver’s chances of spotting pedestrians (even on darker mornings/evenings) and dramatically lowers any risk of a collision.

Recognising the risks

Local councils have been under pressure for some time to cut spending where possible. One of the areas many choose to wield the knife is indeed on its pedestrian crossing guards. However, there has been evidence that doing so is an unwise move including the recent head injuries to a ten year old schoolchild.

An argument could even be made that despite cuts being made; more funding is actually needed to ensure the safety of schoolchildren during commuting hours. One primary school head teacher in Bolton admitted that “a lollipop lady would help a lot” near their school after a five year old girl was knocked over back in April.

We must recognise that small children are possibly the most vulnerable road users. Primary aged children are still growing and suffer damage easier than adults and they are more prone to making mistakes, such as running out into a road without looking at their surroundings. It should therefore be in the council’s best interests to make sure that they remain safe despite their shortcomings.

Legal protection

If a driver ignores a lollipop user or ignores the rules of the road and causes damage to your child, yourself or a friend, you do still have protection in the form of legal assistance.

We have dealt with injuries caused by negligent drivers to both children and adults in the past and we understand the extent of damage a collision with a car can do to pedestrians of all ages.

If you or anybody you know has been in this position and would like some legal assistance to help cover time off work, medical bills, care costs or psychological recovery costs, please call one of our experts for free, impartial, conscientious advice.

We are available to call weekdays from 9am to 7pm on 01695 722 222 or you can get in touch online using our online form to let us know about the incident. We offer a no win no fee service which means you can get in touch and start a claim without worrying about the costs. You can be safe in the knowledge that if your claim is unsuccessful then you will not have to pay a penny.


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