iPads to help spot concussions in rugby?

Premiership rugby is to become the first club competition to use new technology to review concussions at pitch side. The move funded by all 12 clubs and the RFU (Rugby Football Union) will see the technology trialed during the new season with the aim of trying to protect players rejoining the field after taking a hard knock.

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Concussions in rugby

Rugby is, and always will be, a tough contact sport. Audiences are thrilled week in, week out under the codes of league and union. Big hits and tackles are as much a part of the sport as tries and conversions. However, the issue of how to deal with injuries to the head has existed for some time in the sport and this is the latest bid to tackle it head on, so to speak.

No head injury should be taken lightly in any sport. In the past rugby players have admitted feeling compelled to show their strength and continue to play following head injuries. Now it is hoped that doctors and match officials will be able to utilise as much technology as is available, to protect those on the field.

Previously concussions were not thought of as being a particularly large issue (in all sports) before research helped change perceptions. Traditionally rugby culture is to brush off pain and display grit. However, when it comes to concussions and the possible long-lasting after effects, doing so could cause problems in later life.

Untreated players taking too many hits can suffer brain damage, long term memory problems and unusual brain function. The latter is evidenced by former Scotland player, John Beattie, who describes the feeling of his brain, on occasion, having “cut out moments” affecting his cognitive functions.


New technology

The use of pitch side tablet technology, like iPads, will now allow medical staff to take a closer look on the pitch, instantly at potential head injuries. This will enable them to assess players who have taken a knock and better inform them as to whether they can continue or require bringing off.

The new technology can benefit existing regulations such as 2014’s addition of extending the assessment period. following a knock to 10 minutes to allow a thorough set of tests.

With each team being allowed a medical staff member on the pitch side, with instant replay capabilities at their fingertips, they can now make more qualified judgement on a player’s well-being.

While concussions are still a risk that comes with the territory of rugby, we can provide as much assistance as possible to limit exasperating these kinds of injuries and ensuring long term damage is prevented.

Player George North is allowed to continue and suffers a second knock

Injury in sport

The vast majority of injuries in sport at ay level are accidental. Often they are caused either by performing motions that overstretch a muscle, or fall foul to the surface conditions or unintentionally by an opponent. At the top tiers of sport this is an annoyance but not life changing, as many players have access to physiotherapy and are ok to recover and be paid to do so. In lower tiers of sport, however, injuries can be incredibly problematic.

Any injury that is caused by negligence is something you are able to take legal action on. If an opposing player sets out to deliberately damage or the playing surface has been poorly maintained and caused an injury, you are able to seek legal guidance.

Past cases we have dealt with have included a footballer breaking his leg after the local council failed to remove a stump of a goalpost on a playing field and negligence at the scene of an injury when no medical assistance was provided. This resulted in the player waiting for 45 minutes on the floor for an ambulance. Often it is not just actions in a game that cause injury, but those around it.

Sports injury claims

If you, a friend or family member have suffered from the negligence of another player, an official, or any other external body involved in a sporting environment which caused you injury, call Scott Rees & Co today to see what we can do for you.

Lines are open from 9am to 7pm daily on 01695 722 222 or you can begin a claim right away using our claim page here.

We offer a no win no fee clause, which alleviates risk and ensures you will not pay a penny should a claim be unsuccessful. Call today for free, impartial advice from Scott Rees & Co.


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