Soft tissue injury victim secures £2,500 compensation

A bus passenger has been successful with her claim for compensation against a reckless driver responsible for a collision with the bus she was travelling on.

Miss Helen Almond, who is from Liverpool, was using her local bus service to visit the shops last year,  when the other vehicle made a reckless attempt to overtake, causing her to sustain injuries to her neck, back and shoulders. She also suffered from bruising and swelling in her knee.

Cutting in

As the bus she was travelling on drove straight ahead, another motorist attempted a very aggressive overtake. Coming from the buses blindside, the bus collided with the passenger side door of the vehicle. The result was a heavy collision and many passengers feeling shaken up.

For Miss Almond, the incident caused her to jolt forwards, hitting her knee on the seat in front. She was also thrown forward, hitting the seat and being badly shaken up. This was similar for many of the passengers.

She began to notice her injuries in the days following the accident. She required a course of physiotherapy and suffered ongoing knee problems in the aftermath. It was at this point that she made the decision to pursue a claim for compensation.

Fighting the case

Miss Almond instructed Scott Rees & Co to handle her personal injury claim. With ongoing pain and stiffness running from the back to the knee, it did heavily alter her ability to get work and achieve normal mobility. Even after the physiotherapy and conclusion of the case, the stiffness is likely to continue for some time.

Thankfully the third party insurer admitted liability for the poor decision making, avoiding a court battle. Due to this, Miss Almond was awarded £2,500 in damages for injuries.. The money will help pay for ongoing medical care and offset future costs relating to her injury.

Representing you

Miss Almond was very pleased with the result and provided incredibly positive feedback via our Facebook profile; writing

“ have received fantastic support regarding a case. I feel that the service I received put me at ease to settle my claim quickly but efficiently. Thank you, Can’t recommend enough.”

She later went on to also benefit from our recommend a friend scheme, introducing a family member of hers to Scott Rees & Co. This family member also instructed us to act on their behalf. If you know anybody who could benefit from legal assistance, you too can earn £250 by recommending Scott Rees & Co to your friend or family member.