The CJC to investigate what impact has the Jackson reforms had

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The Civil Justice Council (CJC) will launch a full scale investigation into what they describe as the practical impact of the Jackson reforms.

As we fast approach the one year anniversary of the introduction of the reforms, the CJC wants to weigh up the pros and cons of the reforms to see exactly what affect they have had on the civil justice system ahead of a major conference which is due to be held next month.

They have asked for written submissions from stakeholders to outline what they have seen over the last year on such issues as what types of cases have been taken on, the effect the changes to the conditional fee agreement and the introduction of damaged base agreements has had on the funding of civil litigation and what experiences they have had with costs budgeting and case management through the courts.

The CJC then intend to circulate the major submissions prior to the conference in order to create topics of discussion and then publish the outcomes of the discussions and the material after the event.

It will be interesting to see what is made of the Jackson Reforms and how the legal industry deems the impact of them. The submissions which are welcomed from practitioners, the judiciary, consumers and major court users, are requested to be no more than 3000 words long and are to be submitted by 5pm on Friday 7th March.

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