Nurse shows helmets can make a difference

Wearing a helmet does not grant immunity from injury. Wearing one won’t guarantee protection. It does however give you a chance. Regular cyclists will tell you that while a helmet doesn’t have the ability to protect you fully from injury, it can lessen the impact on your head in the most severe cases.

“I shouldn’t be alive”

February 2016 could have been the end for Nurse Jose Martinez. He was travelling between Kidlington and Yarnton on his bike when he was struck by a car travelling at 60mph. The collision resulted in him being thrown high into the air, landing on his head.

Cycling helmet safety

Although Mr Martinez was wearing a helmet, he did still suffer serious injury. The traumatic experience left him with 8 pins and 6 metal plates to support his neck. It has taken him many months to recover, experiencing consistent aches and pains along the way. However, thanks to his helmet taking most of the impact, Jose has been able to walk again.

He admitted that his helmet is the reason he is not paralysed or suffering with a severe brain injury. Surgeons who operated on Jose told him he “shouldn’t be alive” after such an incident. He was also told there was a strong possibility he could have woken up paralysed.

One year on, Jose has been speaking to youngsters in schools about the importance of wearing a cycling helmet and how it saved his life.. If he had not been wearing it, it seems likely he could not relay his message to others today.


Positive safety attitudes

It is no secret that drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists will commonly clash on rules of the road. Youtube accounts dedicated to displays of poor road etiquette are very easy to find. With that said, it is often easy to overlook the key message that regardless of personal feelings, past experiences and attitude to other road users, a helmet can be the difference between life and death.

You can seek legal assistance in the aftermath if you are not at fault and the other driver has been negligent.

Serious injuries which require extensive aftercare can be worth thousands of pounds. The burden of that should never fall on an accident victim, especially one who has taken all precautions to remain safe.

Scott Rees & Co has dealt with numerous cyclists and motorcyclists who have been knocked from their bikes like Mr Martinez.

We understand that treatment doesn’t finish when surgery is over. The consequences  can last a full lifetime and affect future employment, activities and family time. Therefore it is important to have a network available to help victims of long term injury.

Cycling safety

Getting help

If you or a family member has suffered an injury (of any severity) and could benefit from legal help, please call Scott Rees & Co on 01695 722 22. Our highly experienced team of solicitors are on hand to offer free advice about any injury.

We offer a no win no fee service. This means there is no risk in starting any claim. If you would like a free consultation on which options are best for you, either call the number above or visit our claim page here.

We are equipped to deal with claims of any size. Our network can help deliver expert medical care for an injury sufferer long into the future. If this could benefit you call today and see how Scott Rees & Co can help.


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