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Questions about claiming

Every day we receive hundreds of questions about your claim, compensation, how the claiming process works and more. For mutual convenience, we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions below. We hope you will find our FAQ both informative and easy to browse.

  • Compensation FAQs
    Find out if you are entitled to make a claim, how much your injury is worth and how compensation is calculated.
  • Solicitor FAQs
    Got a question about solicitors? Do you need a solicitor? Want to change solicitors? This FAQ is related to solicitors.
  • About Your Claim FAQs
    These are the frequently asked questions about your claim, the claim process, ate insurance and more.
  • During Your Claim FAQs
    These FAQs are based on the claim process. This includes your medical examination, court proceedings, court directions and more.
  • Court FAQs
    These are court-related FAQs. Find out what a hearing is, if you have to attend court and what happens at court.

Compensation FAQs

What is compensation?

Can I claim compensation?

How much is my claim worth?

How is my compensation calculated?

Solicitor FAQs

Do I need a solicitor?

Can I get an update from my solicitor?

Can I change solicitors?

About Your Claim FAQs

What is After-The-Event insurance?

During Your Claim FAQs

What is a medical examination?

What does issuing proceedings mean?

What are court directions?

What is a witness statement?

Court FAQs

Do I have to go to court?

How can I prepare for court?

What happens at court?

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