8 Things You Should Do If You Suffer an Injury at Work

Suffering an injury at work often puts you in an awkward position, when it is down to the negligence of your employer.

A lot of people feel their job may be threatened if the consider taking any action or it is wrong to consider it.

But think of things differently. If you decide not to submit a compensation claim, how else is your employer going to be held accountable for the pain and suffering they have caused by not fulfilling their care of duty?

If you decide not to make a claim, then who is to say they will rectify the issue that caused the accident in the first place and then someone else may suffer the same fate as you or worse.

We have compiled a list of eight things that you should consider in the circumstance that you do suffer from an accident in work, so that should you make a claim, you have the very best chance of getting compensation for your injury.

  1. Report The Accident –

    Make sure one of the first things you do is report the accident to whoever your direct manager is and ensure that the details of it are submitted into your workplace’s accident book. It is important that there is a record of the accident taking place to prove that it happened on the premises you work and if the accident is of a more serious nature then you should make sure that your employer reports it to the Health and Safety Executive. Also try and make sure that you obtain a copy of the accident report yourself and keep it safe.

  2. See a Medical Professional – 

    Sounds ridiculously simple but you will be surprised how many accident victims don’t do this and attempt to suffer in silence. Make sure you go and see your GP or, depending on how serious is, someone in A&E. Your medical notes are a massive help when it comes to making a compensation claim.

  3. Gather Witness Details – 

    If anyone witnessed your accident it is important that you get their details so that they can provide eye witness statements that will support your claim.

  4. Take Photograph’s if Possible – 

    This is particularly important if your injury has been caused by negligence such as a wet floor without a sign, or an obstruction that isn’t well marked or shouldn’t be there as it can help to prove the cause of your accident or fall. You should also take photographs of any visible injury that you sustain. Claims of this nature can often take time to process, by which time you may be well on the way in terms of the healing process.

  5. Diarise the Aftermath of Your Injury – 

    Keeping a diary of the events that occur after the accident which has caused your injury is important. You should be precise in terms of any discomfort that you feel, anything that you are unable to do. When looking at your case, judges will want to see that the accident really has caused you pain and suffering and had an adverse effect on the way you live your life so it really is vital that, regardless how big or small the instance is, you not it down for reference. Also keep hold of any receipts for additional costs that have been brought on by your injury.

  6. Don’t settle for the Offer made from Insurer? – 

    When you have an accident it is likely that you will be contacted by your employer’s insurance company with an offer of compensation. In most cases these are found to be derisory and do are unlikely to reflect the true cost of your injury.

  7. Be Sure to Seek Legal Advice – 

    Realistically you should be looking to seek advice from a legal representative as soon as possible following the aftermath of your accident. Be sure to give them as much detail as possible regarding the accident as they will be able to give you an indication on whether or not you are entitled to make a claim for compensation against your employer.

  8. Submit your Claim within 3 years – If you are going to make a claim for your injury then you must do so within three years of the accident taking place. If you fail to submit a claim within this period then you will not be able to claim compensation.

If you have had an accident at work and you think you maybe entitled to claim for compensation, why not contact us today and speak to on of our personal injury solicitors.

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