New steering wheel to prevent bus driver injuries

Volvo has unveiled their new “dynamic steering” wheel as a standard feature in all buses, labelled VDS  (Volvo Dynamic System). This wheel is designed with the specific aim to assist those who sit in a driver’s seat for prolonged period including coach and bus drivers.

Injury reduction

VDS which makes handling larger vehicles like buses and coaches easier and reduces risk of work related injuries like muscular strain from drivers. It is said to cut muscle strain between 20% and 30% during normal use (with 70% less on certain manoeuvres) the wheel seems perfect for handling big vehicles.

It works by compensating for uneven road surfaces. The result is the elimination of unwanted vibration and steering kicks while in motion. It will be a standard feature on all Volvo buses now having been successfully implemented on all Volvo trucks since 2013.


Passenger risks lowered

Not only will VDS mean drivers get a smoother ride and reduced risk of injury, passengers will also feel the same benefits on their journey.

Smoother rides and better control assist the driver when having to make decisions in traffic and ensure the vehicle moves exactly where they want; A feature similar to power steering. VDS improves responsiveness and assists in avoiding dangerous, unwanted over and under steer.

In an press release by Volvo, Head of Research at VTI (The Swedish National Road & Transport Administration) Dr Anna Anund was pleased with VDS for not only improving safety but ensuring a better working environment for the drivers, stating “There’s no doubt that this type of system improves the driver’s working environment. Many drivers experience pain in their joints and muscles, and it is obvious that they benefit from a system of this sort”.

Volvo Buses Ergonomics expert Maria Gink Lovgren added “The VTI study confirms the positive effects of Volvo Dynamic Steering for drivers both on long-distance routes and in urban driving. With the introduction of VDS on our city buses too, many more drivers will be able to handle tight cornering, roundabouts and other demanding manoeuvres in a far safer and more relaxed way,”

Public Transport Accident Claims

Competitive safety standards

Volvo has built a reputation on safety and reliability with work like VDS. Scott Rees & Co would like to see the other leading bus and coach manufacturers to step up and match (if not better) Volvo’s safety standards moving forward. With many bus accident claims coming in each year ranging from driver fatigue (attributed to the working environment) to safety problems like poor steering and control, all innovations that reduce injury risk to passengers and drivers is welcome.

If you have found yourself involved in an accident on public transport and been injured, be it a bus, coach or train, call Scott Rees & Co today to see what we can do for you.

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