Authorities fine doubles for mobile usage

Anybody caught using a mobile phone (in any capacity) while driving will now receive a £200 fine and six points on to your licence. This is double the previous penalty. The change in legislation comes into effect today, with local authorities pledging a zero tolerance for offenders.

mobile phone while driving

Curbing distractions

According to statistics from Brake, 1,469 fatal accidents in 2015 were attributed to distracted driving. More specifically, “failure to look” which is heavily connected to mobile phone usage. Further studies have supported the statistics. One particular study found 11,000 drivers allowing themselves to be distracted.

For years, many large scale campaigners like THINK! and smaller local bodies such as local police have ran safety campaigns looking to educate drivers; none more poignant perhaps than the thought provoking short film “cow” produced by Welsh police below (a video which also spanned a 4 minute and 30 minute version).

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling spoke in favour of the increase, saying: “It may seem harmless when you are replying to a text, answering a call or using an app, but the truth is your actions could kill and cause untold misery to others.”

Legal and civil outcomes

If you are involved in an incident involving a driver who was distracted by a mobile phone, not only are they at risk of being fined and receiving points, you are also able to protect yourself financially from any damage they have caused.

We advise you to get in touch if you are involved in such an incident. A member of our team can advise and arrange a no win no fee personal injury claim. This ensures all future costs are accounted for. It is not fair for a safe driver to suffer at the hands of a careless one. That balance of justice is what Scott Rees & Co is here to address for you.

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