Drink Driving figures rise in Lancashire

Drink driving figures on the rise in Lancashire

Lancashire police has revealed that there was a small increase in the number of failed or refused drink drive tests in Lancashire over Christmas.

Across the last three years, 3,266 drivers have been stopped and tested by officers and for the third year in a row, the percentage of drivers failing or refusing to take the test has increased, in what is becoming a worrying trend.

The results showed that 133 people failed or refused the test over the Christmas period, which represents  4.2% of the total people tested. This is a small increase of 0.4% the year before and over Christmas 2014, 3.2% of the tested failed or refused the test.

Although the percentages are pretty low, any number above zero is too high and the danger that those who are taking to the roads under the influence of drink or drugs are presenting to themselves and other motorists is far greater.

The police report revealed that of 31 drivers who were tested for drugs in West Lancashire in 2016. Shockingly 20 of those people failed the test and Superintendent Jonathan Puttock has reassured motorists in the region, that the police will be getting tough on those who are drinking and driving while under influence.

“Drinking or taking drugs when driving is unacceptable at any time of the year and our efforts to catch those responsible will continue in a bid to make our roads safer.

“This year we carried out more targeted activity, specifically around hotspot areas. We also targeted times of day when people might have been drinking the night before, but were tempted to get behind the wheel the morning after.”

“Unfortunately 133 people still thought it acceptable to drink and drive risking their licence, jobs, lives and even worse putting others at risk. What is a disappointing is that more than half of the drugs tests conducted registered a positive result, showing that again some people chose to not only put their own lives in serious danger, but the lives of everyone around them by driving under the influence.

“Just one drink or drug driver on the roads of Lancashire is always one too many. We will continue to carry out regular enforcement activity and take action against those who continue to break the law.,”

Driving on the road whilst under influence of any substance that impairs your judgement is one of the most selfish things that you could do. The consequences can be deadly and more often than not it is the innocent motorist or pedestrian who pays the price for a drink drivers recklessness.

As a personal injury solicitors specialising in both road traffic accident claims and serious injury law, we have seen first hand how devastating the actions of one selfish drink driver can be. The lives of the victims are often ruined as are those of the families who are left to support them or mourn their loss.

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