Don’t Let Your Christmas be ‘Weather Bombed’ Out


With all the talk of the ‘Weather Bomb’ it is important that you bear in mind road safety this Christmas. A lot of you will be trying to get to family and loved ones in other parts of the country for those all important Christmas visits, but before you set off make sure you are checking to see what the travelling conditions are like in the areas you are planning to visit.

Up and down the country we are seeing weather warnings like nothing of a kind. This year’s British winter is being linked to a supposed ‘weather bomb’ as tides get rougher and high winds sweep across the country.

It might be a bit extreme to describe these erratic conditions as a ‘weather bomb’ but there is no doubting that over the coming weeks we are set to experience hazardous conditions, which of course affects the safety of our roads.

The accompaniment of the darkening evenings and colder mornings that we traditionally experience during the festive period only serves further the importance of taking road safety seriously this winter.

A lot of you will be planning to make various journeys to different areas of the country to visit family members and spend Christmas with your nearest and dearest. But this year it is so important that you take extra time and care planning ahead for your journey.

The weather holds very little festive cheer for anyone and neither will the worsening road conditions, especially it would seem as you travel to the northern-most climbs of the country.

It is not more important than ever to check the travel reports not just for the region you are setting off from but also to where you are going to ensure that you can reach your destination safely.

There is also increased importance on making sure you have packed right for your journey and ensuring that you are prepared with blankets, water, energy foods and a torch so if you are forced to stop along the route or in the worst case scenario your car breaks down you have what you need to get you through the bitter conditions.

At the best of times driving long distance has a wear and tear effect on your vehicle which is why every year we urge you to get your car checked at the local garage. In a lot of them winter checks are free and well worth it to ensure your car is equipped for the journey it is about to endure. It could well be the most valuable freebie you get this year.

At the end of the day we all want to spend Christmas with those closest to us, but most importantly, those who are closest to us want us to spend the festive period in good health so if the road and weather conditions are extremely hazardous at any point on your route, and you can check travel conditions on the BBC website and many others, then put the trip on hold.

Unfortunately, not everyone will heed this advice and there will be idiots on the road who seek to challenge the conditions. They are usually the same people you read about the next day who have crashed the car and brought misery upon themselves or, more devastatingly others, who were using the road safely.

The best thing to do to avoid something like this happening to you when the roads are unsafe is to stay off them, but we understand some journey’s have to be made and if yours was affected by the erratic and dangerous driving of another road user, which causes you injury or suffering, we can help you.

Simply fill out the contact form below or call us on 0808 278 4530 and we will help advise you on whether you can claim compensation for your claim.

Hopefully you won’t need our help this winter and by following our advice you will get to where you need to be safely and in good time.

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