Doctors left frustrated over safety concerns

The medical community has come together to deliver a letter via the British Medical Journal pleading for at least 10% of the country’s GDP to be spent on the NHS. The letter signed by over 2,000 specialists wants to address the frustration at not having the chance to provide excellent care for UK residents.

NHS doctors strikes

“Unacceptable levels”

The letter states that doctors are aware that they are ‘constantly’ failing to meet expectations from patients and feel ‘exasperated’ by trying to provide a high standard of care with so many obstacles.

The biggest obstacle according to the letter is simply budgeting. Not having enough staff or quality facilities has lead to what is described as an “unacceptable level of safety concerns for our patients within the NHS”.

Beating medical negligence

The limitation of funding and overworking of staff greatly heightens the risk of overtiredness, leading to mistakes in patient care. These mistakes can have long lasting effects on a patient (something we often see at Scott Rees & Co). Medical negligence claims usually stem from simple mistakes like an issue during surgery, not spotting a certain symptom during a diagnosis or miscalculating medication.

Simple mistakes in medical care can leave life altering, long lasting effects. In the present climate, it is feared that budget cuts are having a very heavy toll on the quality of patient care, something Doctors seem powerless to fight against.

In the interests of both healthcare professionals and patients, Scott Rees & Co would like to echo the sentiments in the letter to avoid further safety fears and look towards offering as good a quality service as the NHS can. Ideally no patient should come to harm while in care regardless of the circumstances. To make that possible, the service needs to be run efficiently and with enough staff who are well trained and organised to avoid overtiredness.

medical negligence safety concerns

What if I have suffered?

If you have been in the unfortunate circumstance of developing an illness or injury caused by a doctor or healthcare professional, you can get assistance to overcome your injury as well as plan any future costs spanning from it.

Scott Rees & Co has a dedicated medical negligence team who can find you specialists to deal with the after effects of injury. We look at the overall impact it will have on your life and that of your family. This includes the possibility of ongoing care if needed and any possible emotional help if the injury has knock on mental effects.

If you would like to speak to a specialist about an injury you can call Scott Rees & Co on 01695 722 222 or you can begin your claim with us right away by using our claim form. Alternatively if your friends or family have suffered injury, use our recommend a friend page to let them know about us.

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