Scott Rees’ Marathon Man Completes Lisbon Run for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity

Scott Rees & Co Senior Partner, Daniel Rees, has managed to complete his 3rd marathon of 2015, despite suffering a torn calf earlier in the year, raising over £3,500 for a UK Cancer charity in the process.

Personal injury solicitors senior partner running for charity Daniel Rees recently managed to surpass the £3,500 mark in support for his monumental task of completing the Lisbon marathon in October. This comes just months after suffering a particularly nasty torn calf and his efforts have helped raise funds for a new Cancer unit in the heart of Liverpool.

Daniel, a keen marathon runner for many years, was running on behalf of the Cancer charity Clatterbridge, and he’s still hoping to add to that total and reach his updated goal of £4,000.

We spoke to Daniel both before and after the event and in both interviews he told us: “I was more than happy to help raise money for a charity close to my heart and so close to home. I had been suffering with a setback prior to the event which limited training but regardless I’m happy with the time and in no way was the fundraising going to be hindered by injury. I want to thank every person who has donated their hard earned money to pledge a little support for a very worthy cause. I am currently in the process of preparing to see the new facility and cannot wait to give them the final total and see what good work it will have achieved.”

The new unit, which is being built in the centre of Liverpool, will not only provide great access to Cancer treatment in Merseyside, but all over the UK, as patients can come and make good use of the new facility.

After completing previous marathons in both London and Liverpool earlier this year, Daniel was not planning on running in Lisbon until family members suggested that he could run in aid of Clatterbridge, to which he jumped at the opportunity, with the hope that he could help make a real difference to the provision of Cancer care in the UK.

Originally his goal was to raise £2,500, which was easily surpassed, before he pushed it up to £3,500 just a few days before the race. After exceeding that total, Daniel has now set himself the final fundraising target of £4,000 and the running total currently sits at just over £3,700.

Donations are still welcomed via Daniel’s JustGiving Page which contains more information regarding his run along the Portuguese coastline which he managed to achieve with a very good time of 3 hours and 11 minutes.

Clatterbridge Cancer Centres are a branch of the NHS, specialising in Cancer treatments, from chemotherapy, to radiotherapy and proton therapy treatments.

Currently based out of 10 units in Merseyside and Cheshire, they treat over 30,000 patients every year, with the hope of reaching even more Cancer sufferers with the building of new units, including the one Daniel has raised money towards.

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