Scott Rees & Co client overcomes dispute to win case

A Scott Rees & Co client recently stood firm and overcame both a liability dispute and a dispute over the extent of injuries suffered. The resulting case and evidence given overwhelmingly proved the client to be completely truthful.

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Vehicle collision

The incident which brought about the case involved the client navigating their way through a car park to leave when her car was struck on the wing by another car reversing out of their bay without looking. Both the client and her passenger were buffeted sideways and back by the collision, left feeling shook up and panicked.

At the time the driver apologised and said they did not wish to use their insurer to repair the damage which immediately sparked concerns. That night the client began to have migraine-like headaches and developed pain in her neck, back and shoulder.

Following weeks of treatment recommended by the doctors including massage and painkillers she came to Scott Rees & Co to begin what would be a seemingly straightforward case.


Staying strong

During the case the client faced 2 arguments from the defending driver. Initially the defense denied liability, stating the client drove into the back of the reversing car. This was dismissed when the client explained that the damage caused would have meant she needed to be driving sideways into the reversing driver’s car.

After proving the driver’s guilt, the other driver again caused problems as they alleged that the injuries to the client were not as severe as she claimed. This situation can be frustrating for anybody making a claim but the client remained calm and clearly stated her version of events. When witness statements were taken it was deemed that the other driver’s witness statement were actually closer to the client’s version of events.

Disputed liability winner - Scott Rees & co client

Their accusation was that the damages asked for (£7,100) were too high and in actuality should only have been around £900. The court however agreed that the evidence put forward by our client was very compelling and ruled in favour of her, allowing the original £7,100 asked in damages to stand.

We offer our congratulations to the client who has overcome a difficult and stressful situation in which a very straightforward claim had been muddied thanks to those responsible for the incident. We hope the damages awarded assist with her recovery and we believe this case is a fantastic example of how stating an honest case can overcome multiple challenges when you are not at fault.


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