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Claim Guide


Welcome to our Claim Guide.

We understand that you may have a lot of initial questions that you would like answering about your possible claim. This guide was put together to help improve your understanding of what happens in a claim, to give you a general idea of how much your claim may possibly be worth, and hopefully you will find that our guide can answer your questions.

Claim types

We have compiled a list of the types of claims that we have worked with in the past. Do not worry if a claim for your accident does not appear in this list. Every claim and case brought in is different and we treat all claims individually with the care and attention they deserve. See our Claim Types.

Injury claim worth

Find out what the injury from your accident may potentially be worth. Please be advised that the figures are simply averages and estimates from past cases and each and every case is different, the figure should not be used as an expectation of what you may receive from your claim. See our How Much Is My Claim Worth?

Client care

We care deeply about making sure that our clients are satisfied with the service provided by us. Every client deserves personal attention, a confidential ear and expert opinion. Find information on how to get updates, make a claim or making a complaint to Scott Rees & Co here. See our Client Care.

Frequently asked questions

You can find a list of the most commonly asked questions from many of our past clients. All the answers provided have been answered by a senior solicitor of our company. See our FAQs.

Personal injury glossary

Have you been confused by a certain legal term found on our website? Have you come across an abbreviation without knowing what it stood for? In this Glossary you can find the definitions and explanations to all the legal terms that we have used throughout this website. See our Personal Injury Glossary.

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