The Choices Dangerous Driving Can Force

When a car collides with a motorcycle, the rider is at risk of very serious injury due to being less protected and being the much lighter force of the two. This fact makes careful driving and spotting motorcycles a high priority for drivers. The penalty for being careless can be devastating injuries to the rider and grief of the family involved if the injuries prove fatal. This has proved so for one family now looking to have life support turned off for an ex soldier left in a coma after his collision.

Near fatal risks

In 2005, former soldier, Paul Briggs, was travelling on his motorcycle when a Nissan Micra driver (Miss Chelsea Rowe) collided head on with him. The car was travelling in the wrong lane and the force of the crash left the victim a coma. He is still fighting for his life today..

Mr Briggs’ family, including his wife Lindsay and daughter, Ella, have had to live with seeing him in his comatose state ever since, with little hope that he will ever recover. The grief that this family has suffered is unimaginable and as a result, Mrs Briggs has pleaded to judges that his life support should be switched off to prevent further suffering on both his part and theirs.

The line between fatal and serious injuries at times can be very thin. In this instance Mr Briggs may have survived the encounter but now lives in an almost “vegetative” state, unable to help provide for his family or care for himself. This type of injury brings to the forefront moral questions about the right to dying and being able to prevent a life spent on a hospital bed.

Obeying the road

In Mr Briggs’ case, the driver of the Nissan has admitted to being a ‘novice’ driver and not realising the lines on the road were in fact no overtaking signs, mistaking the road as one way. These sorts of mistakes (even for a new driver) can cost and ruin lives.

Hundreds of motorcyclists die on UK roads every year. Statistically they are 38 times more likely to be killed in a collision than a car driver. These statistics alone make for sobering reading and are particularly good reasons to make sure you look out for and bear in mind vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians who have a physical disadvantage when it comes to a collision.

There is no excuse for disobeying rules of the road, including not knowing them. Hitting another road user (particularly a vulnerable one) due to being uninformed, or not paying attention, may never leave your memory should it happen to you and it certainly wont leave the memories of the victims and their loved ones.


Legal aid

We have dealt with a number of motorcycle based accident claims over the years and regardless of the the extent of the injury suffered, if the accident occurred as the result of negligence from another motorist, we could help you or your loved one get vital compensation and assistance with the recovery process..

If you, a friend or a family member has suffered any injury whether in a car, on a motorbike, push bike or as a pedestrian then please encourage them to get in touch with one of our experts.

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