Bereaved families to get route to justice thanks to judicial review

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There was further good news for bereaved families after the HMRCs (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) were told they will have to change it’s policy on providing work histories to coroners.

The ruling follows the HMRCs attempt to judicially review a request by a coroner based in Liverpool and means that some families, who have suffered a bereavement due to work related illnesses caused by such things as asbestos exposure will now have a route to obtain their deceased’s working records, through a coroner.

Speaking about the ruling, the president of APIL, Matthew Stockwell welcomed it saying: “This is a welcome decision, which will stop some of the delays and uncertainty that have been forced on bereaved families seeking to claim compensation following the death of loved ones.

“Further arguments in the judicial review, which challenge HMRCs refusal to allow families direct access to the work histories, will be equally crucial in ensuring that all those who suffer a negligent bereavement, including dying from asbestos exposure, are able to seek justice without the additional hurdles and costs that HMRCs are trying to force upon them.”

The news follows up the recent launching of the Mesothelioma Scheme, which is now accepting applications from sufferers of the asbestos related illness, who were unable to issue civil proceedings to claim compensation against their former employers and is a definite step in the right direction as far as access to people’s access to justice is concerned.

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