APIL launch new kite mark for spinal cord injury specialists

Spinal cord and muscle injury

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) announced yesterday the launch of a new competency standard for those solicitors who specialise in spinal cord injury claims in a bid to ensure that sufferers of this type of injury receive the very best service from the most qualified and knowledgeable legal advisers available to them.

Spinal cord injury is one of the more vulnerable severe injury claim types and it is clear by introducing this standard that APIL realise how important it is that people who suffer from spinal cord injury need the very best care and attention when it comes to handling their claim.

To draw up the new kite mark they turned to two of the country’s leading lawyers Daniel Herman and Warren Collins who will be on the panel that oversee the new standard, evaluate applications and carry out the assessments from September 2013 onwards.

Warren Collins praised the introduction of the standard saying: “A growing number of solicitors are offering advice on highly complex claims such as brain and spinal injuries. Making sure that claimants know where to turn for specialist legal representation is critical.

“This new guidance which will clearly identify professionals who have a track record of handling the most complicated personal injury claims will be of enormous value to people who have sustained a spinal cord injury.

“Parts of the body which might not seem immediately affected by spinal cord injury can, over time, begin to suffer from the stresses and strains that comes with, for example, being wheelchair bound. To be able to determine the correct and appropriate level of compensation, solicitors must be able to anticipate the life-long challenges that often follow on from the immediate injury.”

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