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2018 Testimonials

"My claim was dealt with swiftly and professionally and my claims handler, Lucy Ashbrook was great for handling any sort of queries I had."

- Muhammad Hasnain Ali, added in August 2018, on Google Reviews

"The team at Scott Rees were very helpful and kept in touch and informed every step of the way. Thanks for a great service.
Special thanks to Dogus."

- Scott Ansell, added in July 2018, on TrustPilot Reviews

"A Brilliant Set of People - They Act In Your Best Interest

In December 2016 I was in a very bad road traffic accident in which I suffered amongst other medical issues - broken ribs, one of my lungs collapsed and the other bruised, memory loss due to a head collision I was also told I was in an induced coma state for over one week.

I decided not to go with the legal team my insurance company provided and decided to allow Scott Rees and Company to represent my interest in this matter - this is one of the best decision I have made in my life.
I will use one work to describe my experience with Scott Rees & Company - Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant. Apologies make that seven words.

From the onset I felt a level of comfort and confidence that my case was being handled by the right set of people. My first contact with Scott Rees & Company was with a young man Mr Chris Walker (I later learned that he is a partner at the company) - This young man and the team of persons he work with are absolutely brilliant.

Chris Walker - was a GOD Sent. Chris Walker took the time to explain the procedure of handling my case to me and what would happen next. Chris did not just treat me like a client his approach was humane and at all times with respect and dignity. He introduced me to his team who along with himself will be having direct contact with my case (Sam Walker, Naomi Conner and Gillian Yates).

This team organised my medical treatment, transport etc. as a matter of fact they organised everything. I was give frequent updates on how the case was progressing. These update was done through telephone, email or a letter and at time all three medium of communication were used to inform me. Chris Walker even responded to my queries on weekends or when he is on holidays.

The medical care I received through Chris Walker and his Team was first class. I did not have to do anything but get better. The medical care was done through a third party and managed by a case manager Kelly Rudd. Kelly Rudd was very meticulous and tenacious with my case and how she wrote my reports she was absolutely brilliant, she came to all my appointments and her encouragement during a difficult time. 'Thank you is not enough'. A doctor with the critical care team mention to me that my healing progress was well in advance by a few months, because legal wise and medical treatment I did not have to worry myself about anything.

I will share some of the phenomenal achievements of my case done through Chris Walker; Sam Walker; Naomi Conner; Gillian Yates and Kelly Rudd:

> I received 2307.69 percentage more in compensation than I was told I would have received (that was the reason I did not go with the legal team my insurance company proposed)

> I was privilege to information I was told I would never see or get (that was the reason I did not go with the legal team my insurance company proposed)

> I was making advance medical progress - though I am still not there 100%

One thing I would like to say to a fantastic team – Thank You. Mr Chris Walker if I was wearing a hat I would tilt it to you sir. Thank you."

- Troy, added in June 2018, on TrustPilot Reviews

- Zaheer Ahmed, added in June 2018, on YouTube Testimonial

"Did a great job for me and I would recommend them to people I know if they needed some legal representation."

- Susan Pawlykiwskyj, added in May 2018, on TrustPilot Reviews

"Had great service through Scott Rees, my case was handled efficiently and explained to me in depth. I was always looked after by the same person which was Ian W, throughout my case and he was always friendly and professional, he deserves a promotion. Thanks very much guys very satisfied."

- Alex Tomlinson, added in April 2018, on Google Reviews and YouTube Testimonial

"Scott rees where [sic] brilliant, I had a really difficult case because there where [sic] so many other solicitors involved (and) didn’t know weather [sic] I was coming or going, but John Dry, he kept me informed every step of the way, I never had to phone up and ask how things where [sic] going because John would have already been on the phone or sent me an email with the latest news on how my case was going, if I had any questions what so ever about my case I could just drop John an email and he would reply as soon as he was available. I would not hesitate at all in using Scott rees again because they truly where [sic] fantastic."

- Andrew Senior, added in March 2018, on TrustPilot Reviews

"They got the job done I got hit by a uninsured driver and it was a really hard case for them to take on but they got the job done which I’m very thankful for."

- Robert Bushell, added in February 2018, on TrustPilot Reviews

"Great and quick to use also very friendly and would recommend anytime"

- Adam Shaun Knowles, added in January 2018, on Facebook Reviews

2017 Testimonials

"My hole [sic] family was involved in a car crash in April 2017. Since then Scott Rees & Co have been there every step of the way to support us. They always call you back and answer your emails the same day and help explain the process involved. 10/10 epic service"

- Dean Paul, added in December 2017, on Facebook Reviews

"Very good with the help they gave me with my claim. I was kept informed with every step to a successful conclusion."

- Peter Nobbs, added in November 2017, on TrustPilot Reviews

"From start to finish I have been kept updated with the progress of my claim, if I could rate higher I would. I would have no hesitation to recommend first class service."

- Phil Beckwith, added in October 2017, on Google Reviews

"The Staff has been very good. I had immediate replies to Emails when I sent them, which is very impressive. After some delays at the beginning of the process of claim, once Medical Report was sent in Scotts put in offers immediately. I would recommend this Company."

- Linda Povey, added in September 2017, on TrustPilot Reviews

"Kept me informed all the way through the claim, was honest in what professional opinion questions I asked. Would recommend these solicitors."

- Michael Smith, added in August 2017, on TrustPilot Reviews

"Your work speaks volumes of the kind of organisation you are – efficient, organized and result-oriented. Well done Scott Rees & Co, i will recommend you to everyone."

- Chidi J Onukogu, added in July 2017, on TrustPilot Reviews

"Case handled fantastically by Joseph lee. The process wasn't as long as I had expected and I was informed immediately on any developments in the case keeping me assured. Thank you for your service"

- Shannon McGreevy, added in June 2017, on Facebook Reviews

"Very good, would recommend to anybody, kept me up to date with what was happening regarding the case and was also fairly quick in settling it. Thanks for your help."

- Callum Jackson, added in May 2017, on Facebook Reviews

"My solicitor was very helpful with me at all times. Every time there was an update on my case I was being informed on the same day about it. Also any questions I had to ask I was helped out the same day every time. Definitely recommended too service."

- Önder Özgür, added in April 2017, on Google Reviews

"After my first ever accident and injury claim I was referred to Scott Rees. My case was handled wonderfully by Sean Bresnahan. It was quite a long process but my case was settled about a year after the initial accident. I was kept constantly updated on the progress and whenever I contacted them regarding anything it was dealt with swiftly. Sean was fantastic from start to finish and I received a settlement figure I was more than happy with. If I was unfortunate enough to ever have another accident I would not hesitate to contact Scott Rees and I would also recommend them and Sean to any family or friends who may find themselves in a similar situation. Excellent work by Sean and the team at Scott Rees and Co, so a genuine thank you for all the hard work you put into settling my case."

- Leila Boulakhras, added in March 2017, on Facebook Reviews

"Scott Rees handled both mine and my daughters claims. Phillip Lea was the solicitor that took over my daughters case and he couldn't be faulted, we were kept up to date at all times and glad to say the claim has been settled. Highly recommended!"

- Karen Peaty, added in February 2017, on Facebook Reviews

"I am extremely pleased with the service that I have received from Scott Rees and co and would highly recommend them. John Dry was dealing with my case and he has been extremely professional and kept me informed throughout. I have called John on numerous occasions and each time he has been extremely thorough and helpful. He is an asset to Scott Rees and can not thank him enough for such a great result."

- Danisha Jagatia, added in January 2017, on Google Reviews

2016 Testimonials

"My dealings were with Joe Lee who i found informative on a regular basis, by keeping me updated on my case, he's polite, easy and enjoyable to talk with, also friendly and humorous, which is a great combination. I'd recommend this company to anyone who needed help or just friendly advice."

- michael cresswell, added in December 2016, on Google Reviews

"When first contacted by Scott Rees, the person calling & speaking with me was very friendly & explained everything clearly. After that, I was kept informed regularly via email & always being requested to send back forms by different people. I did have doubts about doing this claim but then I had an email from Joseph Lee to introduce & take over my case.. Each email I then replied to, he followed up with a call to confirm receipt of email, answered all questions I had & within 2 weeks managed to get everything settled & accepted. I have felt more confident in pursuing my case once Joseph took over & am more than happy he is now looking at the case for a young family member."

- Maria Gregory, added in November 2016, on Facebook Reviews

"Just under a year ago I had a collision and where suffered damage to my car and physical injuries. I though(t) it would be best to make a claim and was the first time I had ever done anything like this. From word of mouth I was told about Scott Rees & Co. I had a lot of trouble with the third party for a while which made the claim take longer than I thought but all the staff pushed very hard for the claim and were very helpful! Always kept me up to date with what was happening, I would highly recommend them and would also like to say a big thank you to Gary for pushing this claim to the end."

- Sam Bastable, added in October 2016, on Google Reviews

"What an excellent service. Gemma Green, my solicitor, was extremely understanding and helpful from the very beginning. She kept me informed with everything that was going on, and made sure I understood exactly what was happening and what each and every process involved, which I really appreciated. Gemma went out of her way to help me with my case, and I couldn't have asked for a better service or result. It has been such a stress free process, and I totally believe that is down to Gemma. I could not recommend Scott and Rees more. Thank you Gemma!"

- Charlotte Monaghan, added in September 2016, on Facebook Reviews

"Following a cycling accident in 2015 I decided to pursue a claim. I had never done so before and had no previous contacts or expertise in this area. Just using a general 'no claim no fee' web site, I was directed to Scott Rees and Co. Making contact and beginning the process felt very much like a stab in the dark, and I did so with some trepidation, hearing so many horror stories of people being 'ripped off'.

Whilst it took fifteen months to resolve, the stab in the dark was well worth it. I found Scott Rees and Co to be very helpful and achieved a great overall financial pay out for me. Michael Jackson acted on my behalf, and was effective and efficient. He kept me informed of the process throughout, through letter, email and phone call. Whenever I phoned I was able to get through to him directly and he patiently answered my questions.

If you are in a similar position to me, I can thoroughly recommend Scott Rees and Co to help you through the process."

- Andy Poultney, added in August 2016, on Google Reviews

"My case was dealt with very quickly when Daniel King took over and he tried to get the best outcome for me all of the time. Daniel King helped me a lot to finally get my Claim! My case wasn't dealt with as fast by any other solicitor but Daniel has finally settled it and got the best possible outcome. He was always very clear with what's happening, very honest and so assuring! He has been brilliant and I'm so happy my case was put in his hands. All in all, my solicitors before Daniel were not making it happen as quick as Daniel did. Although, they always tried their best and they always wanted the best for me. I highly recommend this place. Thank you!"

- Alia Khan, added in July 2016, on Google Reviews

"To think I hesitated before embarking on my claim. A big thank you to Gemma and the team for making my claim an almost effortless process. Hopefully I should never have the need again but rest assured that I would recommend yourselves to anyone. Professional approach , sound advice , great guidance, and always available to answer any questions I wouldn't hesitate in choosing scott Rees again!"

- Barry Campbell, added in June 2016, on Facebook Reviews

"my name is hazel and in 2013 I got hit by a car.I used scott-reese [sic] as my solicitors to claim compensation for having multiple injuries.they have been helpful and friendly to me for three years and even putting up with an old lady like me for being frustrated and phoning them many times just for reassurance.i am happy with the outcome and now have peace of mind and can finally move on with my life..Thankyou Lucie for sticking with me and explaining everything to me in simple English and thankyou for just being there....keep up the good work...regards....Hazel."

- Hazel Longley, added in May 2016, on Google Reviews

"Ii [sic] was involved in a road traffic accident. I saw an advert on TV for the National helpline and was introduced to you Scott Rees. I was really concerned it was going to be a top heavy payment to the solicitors and I would be left with little or nothing in compensation for treatment, however

Within a couple of days I was being assessed by a local doctor who recommended physio treatments of which i had 10 treatments at my local centre (400 metres from my house)

I was dubious about the treatments due to my age 48 and thought they could not rectify the aches and pain, I didn't realise how bad it was until it was made better, blow and behold I feel like a new man,

There were a few standard letters that made me panic thinking i had to pay up front but that was my ignorance, twice I wanted to back out because of the letters, luckily I called you and you put me straight and I never had to pay a penny,

Rachel from Scottress [sic] kept me on track with my thought process and was fantastic with updating and reassuring me at all stages of this claim, I am 100% happy with the service provided at all stages"

- eliot jervis, added in April 2016, on Google Reviews

"Scott Rees and co is the solicitor that you need to take your claim up with. What a great service they provide. They do all the hard work for you and put you at ease. I fell on my way home over a really bad defected public footpath. And I'm glad to say I have won my case. I would(n't) of been able to do it without Scott Rees. I just want to say a massive to Ayinde is was great. Overall I am so pleased I went with them thank you"

- Matthew Huartson, added in March 2016, on Google Reviews

"After a coach accident in 2012 where the driver took us off the road after a collision with a road sign, I requested the help of scott rees & co and couldn't be happier with my decision. Despite having to deal with a less than forthcoming transport company, they always made sure that i was kept well informed of the progress of the claim and never gave up on my case ( it took over three years to sort it out). Julie Bullen, who was in charge of my case was particularly helpful and extremely patient with me over the years; Three years is a considerate amount of time to have all those medical bills hanging on the balance and one tends to lose hope after a while. Julie made sure that I was given a voice and that my case was heard and fairly tried. That was one of the best end of year present, the long awaited phonecall confirming the end of our tribulations!

I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help getting themselves heard or faced with any other legally daunting situation. All in all, thank you Scott Rees."

- Aicha-Cherifa Condé, added in February 2016, on Google Reviews

"I was knocked off by bicycle on the 20th January 2015, I was cycling on the blue cycle lane on bow road in east London. A car driver turned left into me and knocked me over. I sustained a wrist and neck injury. The driver had admitted liability at the scene of the accident but changed his mind 24 hours later. He claimed I was at fault because I ran into his car and I was cycling on the pavement, he also had a witness to support his claim even though this was not true. Natalie Tomlinson has been the solicitor dealing with my case. she assured me at the beginning that it will be all ok with my claim. I never saw the driver's witness at the accident scene. I had my own witness who unfortunately wasn't reliable even though he had given me his word. He did not provide Natalie with a statement in time for court hearing. Natalie did all the ground work such as getting more pictures of the scene etc, she also took all necessary steps so I didn't have much to do. she helped me with my statement so that it was professionally done. Natalie was I always available to support me anytime I needed to talk to her about my claim, she supported me emotionally and encouraged when I was down and concerned I may lose the claim because of the driver's lying witness, and she kept me up to date throughout my claim. when the claim went to court the barrister sent by Scott Rees was top-draw in cross examining the driver and his witness to the extent that their statements was found to be extremely inconsistent. This lead [sic] to the Judge believing me that I was actually saying the truth. I was awarded £4,508 and the other side had to pay all our legal fees too. I couldn't have done this without Scott Rees and Particularly Natalie Tomlinson.....Thank you very much"

- michael yusuff, added in January 2016, on Google Reviews

2015 Testimonials

"Fantastic company. Will bend over backwards to make sure you get the best outcome as possible! Would highly recommend anyone to use these services. I had an accident back in february this year and by this month its all done and cheque in the post. Really could not praise them enough. Every solicitor is happy, friendly and helpful!!!

I would especially like to praise my solicitor Carly Morris who was very professional and always got back to me as soon as possible."

- Emily Healey, added in December 2015, on Google Reviews

"I'm [sic] appreciate that Scott Rees & Co solicitors took care of my case. The cooperation with them was really easy and pleasant. I had no fears that something can go wrong ,because people in their office have been very helpful and reliable. When I had doubts or queries ,I could count on their help anytime. I can reccomend [sic] Scott Rees & Co solicitors to everyone and if I'll need their services in the future I'm going to contact them again and entrust them my case."

- Tomasz Fic, added in November 2015, on Google Reviews

"Beyond my expectations! I was driven into and damage was caused to both my car and my trailer, while both me and my passenger were injured. Jason Byrne and the rest of the team at Scott Rees & Co handled my claim expertly and much more smoothly than I was lead to expect the process to be from some of my friends who had gone to other firms! I received the compensation for my damaged vehicle/trailer and for my injuries quickly and to what I believe was a fair settlement, I was able to get my vehicle back on the road and start treatment quickly thanks to the help of Scott Rees & Co!

Top Service!"

- Steven James Dalby, added in October 2015, on Google Reviews

"I had a non fault accident and got in contact with Scott Rees and Co. I was very nervous to start with as I've never had to make a claim and didn't know what to expect. Nicola Kenyon my solicitor was very helpful and confident that she could help with my personal injury claim. Nicola from day one was really professional and explained everything in thorough detail and really made me feel at ease. In today's society where social media is taking over I find a lack in customer service but Nicola did what I call true customer service. She picked the phone up and communicated to me everything in detail step by step and everything was backed up by letter in the post. I couldn't fault a thing. I have received my settlement figure this last week from Nicola and I'm really pleased. I would highly recommend Scott Rees and Co and if you get the pleasure of dealing with Nicola then that's an added bonus. Thanks for everything, Claire"

- Claire Halluni, added in September 2015, on Google Reviews

"Really helpful approachable and excellent service"

- Teresa Perry, added in August 2015, on Google Reviews

"I would like to thank everyone at Scott Rees & Co for all their help with my claim. I would highly recommend. Very professional, friendly & constantly updated me at every stage of my claim be it via email or over the phone. Extremely happy with the level of professional help."

- ragga hiphop, added in July 2015, on Google Reviews

"It was on recommendation that I use Scott Rees to act for me and I am so glad I did. Yes, I won my case, but it was the way it was done that made me feel special and not a victim. Communication was on a personal, professional one-to-one level that made me feel like a friend and not a client. Every step was explained to me as I was guided through the legal maze. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and a very special thank you to Lorna Hughes for giving me back my smile. I really can't recommend them enough!"

- TheShane45, added in June 2015, on Google Reviews

"I contacted Scott Rees & Co due to an incident where I had got burnt by a radiator being too close to the toilet in a hotel. Scott Rees & Co dealt with my case quickly and efficiently, a representative came to my house for me to sign the relevant forms and was very informative and explained things well. They kept me and the parties involved up to date with the proceedings, which enabled my case to be dealt with a closed within 6 months of my initial contact."

- Gwen Jones, added in May 2015, on Google Reviews

"After having a bad experience with my previous solicitors Scott Rees & Co were absolutely fabulous! My claim handler, Lee Givnan, was prompt, efficient and clear with me and managed to settle a tricky claim quickly for me after a long delay caused by the bad service I received from another company. Thank You Scott Rees & Co, and especially Lee, as I now can get on with living my life and put my accident behind me :)"

- Khiron Arts, added in April 2015, on Google Reviews

"Can not thank Rachel Murray enough for her diligence, professionalism and patients. I felt like I was treated like a real person and was kept informed of what was going on all the time.

I would recommend Scott Rees and specially Rachel for anyone who would like to have someone in their corner when dealing with the large corporate insurance companies."

- Azhar Zaman, added in March 2015, on Google Reviews

"The experience I have had with Scott Rees & Co has been first class in dealing with my case and I would gladly recommend them to anyone. They were very efficient and extremely helpful in helping me to win my case and getting me what I think was a decent settlement. I would like to thank Carly and the rest of the team for all of their hard work"

- stephen jackson, added in February 2015, on Google Reviews

"This was the first time I have had to deal with this type of claim but all the people I have dealt with have helped me through and been successful with my claim.I am a 71yr old lady and not used to legal matters but Scott Rees kept me up to date all the time.Thank you everyone."

- Yvonne Stones, added in January 2015, on Google Reviews