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Over the years we have helped thousands of victims of accidents win their claim for compensation. For the few who have kindly given us permission to publish their story, you can find their case studies below.


All feedback (both positive and negative) about our service is highly valued by us as it gives us an indication of what we’re doing right for the client and what areas we need to improve on. If you would like to leave a testimonial on our website about your time with Scott Rees & Co, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing us at laurel.lau@scottrees.co.uk.

Bicycle accident at a roundabout - Miss Pascale Chappe

Miss Chappe was out on her bicycle one morning on her way to work and was struck by a vehicle who failed to give way at a roundabout.

Miss Chappe suffered a bruised knee and ankle and endured two days of neck pain. There was also loss of earnings due to the client having to have time off work because of the accident.

The police were called at the scene and the defendant alleged our client was at fault because she was not wearing bright clothing or had any lights on display on her bicycle. The police then confirmed that Miss Chappe did indeed have a rear light, but was not very well lit.

Our client maintained that she did indeed have lights on her bike and further evidence also suggested the area would have been well lit at the time. This was taken from historic weather data which showed the sun had risen by the time of the accident and a number of street lights were lit in the area.

By this information we were able to dispute the credibility of the defendant to the point where they agreed to settle by the way of a Part 36 offer, with no fault given to our client.

Total Compensation Awarded: £4,000
Mr Keiren Grant | Cyclist knocked over by car

Mr Grant was cycling along a main road when he was knocked off his bicycle by the defendant.

After making a bicycle accident claim with Scott Rees & Co, liability was disputed by the defendant, who alleged that Mr Grant had simply come off a kerb and hit into the vehicle.

Eventually, after presenting successful arguments in favour or Mr Grant’s account of events, we were able to obtain an admission from the defendant in relation to liability.

Mr Grant was awarded £3,200 for his personal injury claim, £505 for his physiotherapy treatment, £599 for the damage to his bicycle, £603 for loss of earnings and £93 for his claim for incidental and travel expenses caused by his inability to use his bike.

Total Compensation Awarded: £5,000
Mr Eddy Lee | Work accident from lifting heavy objects

See Eddy Lee’s video testimonial

Mr Lee injured his lower back after he was made to lift a three seater sofa at work without assistance.

He is expected to suffer back pain and other symptoms related to the accident for the next two years.

His employer, a national furniture retailer, admitted liability for the accident.

The compensation awarded to Eddy incorporates the damage suffered as well as lost earnings and potential lost earnings during the next 2 years.

Total Compensation Awarded: £28,500
Miss Claire Artingstall | Accident at a restaurant

See Claire Artingstall’s video testimonial

Miss Artingstall was having a meal in a restaurant when she bit into a piece of broken porcelain from a ramekin dish that was in her food, sustaining a small cut to her mouth, which subsequently led to her suffering from infection and ulcers.

After she instructed Scott Rees and Co, we managed to get a liability admission but this was subject to medical causation.

We obtained Miss Artingstall’s GP records, which showed that her first attendance was on the 02/07/14 and her accident was on 14/05/14, it also showed that she has suffered a long history of mouth ulcers.

The other side wouldn’t initially make any offers to settle, however, after a discussion with the client, we deciphered that she went to see a GP in Albania initially after the accident, because she was getting married in the June and had to go to Albania after the accident to get her Albanian wedding dress.

We explained this to the other side and sent them a Part 36 offer to settle for the sum of £1,850.

They counter offered at £1,700 and the client accepted.

Total Compensation Awarded: £1,700
Mrs Jacqueline Lawrence | Falling in public

Mrs Lawrence was walking down a dimly lit pathway when she fell down an open, three foot deep trench.

The trench had been left open by a contractor who was performing work on some water pipes situated under the ground. The contractor had not left any warning signs on or around the defect.

As a result of her fall, Mrs Lawrence suffered a soft tissue injury to her lower back, hip, chest and upper left side of her arm.

We helped Mrs Lawrence sue the company responsible for their negligent work.

Total Compensation Awarded: £4,200
Miss Jennifer Fleming | Bicycle accident with a parked car

Miss Fleming has riding her bike and overtaking some parked cars when suddenly the driver of one them opened the door.

Miss Fleming was knocked off her bike causing her to sustain injury to her neck, back, left knee, left eye, right ankle and her fingers.

As a result of the accident, Miss Fleming has suffered psychological symptoms in relation to riding her bike again.

She originally seeked instruction from another firm of solicitors but was unsatisfied with the service she was receiving and so transferred her case over to us.

She had a lot of special damages to recover, including the damage to her clothing, bike, phone accessories and also for loss of earnings.

We were able to help get a settlement for her claim within 6 months of receiving the full transfer of her documents.

Total Compensation Awarded: £3,500
Mrs Gwen Jones | Claim against the hotel

Mrs Jones was staying at a hotel and using the toilet in her room.

The towel radiator was too close to the toilet so when she sat down she burnt her leg.

After contacting Scott Rees, we put together her case backed up with the required evidence.

The claim was put forward against the hotel in question and a settlement was agreed on within 6 months of Mrs Jones’ initial contact.

Total Compensation Awarded: £1,000
Mr Leslie Nicholls | Burns accident by a waiter

Mr Nicholls was staying at a hotel overnight with his wife and had sat down to have his evening meal in the hotel’s restaurant.

On conclusion of the meal, the waiter came to pour Mr Nicholls and his wife some tea and coffee.

The waiter had a pot of coffee in his left hand and a pot of tea in his right hand.

The waiter began pouring coffee for Mr Nicholls’ wife when he accidentally poured tea over Mr Nicholls’ back, causing him to suffer minor burns.

A settlement was quickly reached with the hotel restaurant.

Total Compensation Awarded: £1,500
Mrs Diane Griffiths | Car collision accident

Mrs Griffiths was involved in a car collision where the other driver, who caused the accident, denied liability from the outset of the claim.

After failed negotiations took place, we issued proceedings against them.

The case ended in court where we were successful with the arguments presented by Mrs Griffiths and as a result we were able to secure a settlement of £1,600 in relation to the injuries that she suffered as a result of the accident.

Total Compensation Awarded: £1,600
Miss Lily Savage | Burn injury incurred at restaurant

See Lily Savage’s video testimonial

Miss Savage was walking through the restaurant kitchen when a chef carrying a pan of hot oil spilled some on her foot.

As a result Miss Savage suffered burn injury, scarring and blistering to her foot.

We proved that the chef had been acting against the health and safety regulations by moving hot oil across the kitchen.

We were able to help secure a settlement of £1,600 for Miss Savage.

Total Compensation Awarded: £1,600
Mr John Coates | Motorbike accident involving hit and run

Mr Coates was travelling on his motorcycle when he was rear-end shunted by another vehicle.

As a result he was thrown from his motorcycle and suffered ongoing pain in his neck, knee and shoulders.

During his claim there were complications as the police were unable to identify the third party involved.

However, thanks to our intervention we were able to secure Mr Coates a settlement.

Total Compensation Awarded: £2,500
Ms Alina Panicheva | Road traffic accident

Ms Panicheva was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained a soft tissue, whiplash injury.

There was also significant damage to her vehicle that required repair.

After she contacted Scott Rees & Co, we issued court proceedings, as liability was initially disputed by the defendant.

The case was eventually settled with just seven days to go before the trial was due to begin and we were able to secure Ms Panicheva a successful claim and settlement.

Total Compensation Awarded: £1,300
Mr Oliver Holmes | Passenger of an out-of-control taxi

Mr Holmes was a passenger travelling in a taxi.

The taxi driver lost control of the vehicle, and drove straight over a roundabout, and ending up hitting a verge.

As a result the client was shunted in the back seat and suffered a neck injury that would take him five months to recover from.

After Mr Holmes contacted us, we were able to recover general damages, physiotherapy expenses and the clients own treatment and travel costs from the settlement.

Total Compensation Awarded: £2,350
Miss Yvonne Stones | Slip & Trip

“This was the first time I have had to deal with this type of claim, but all the people I have dealt with have helped me through and been successful with my claim.”

“I am a 71 year old lady and not used to legal matters but Scott Rees kept me up to date all the time. Thank you everyone.”

Miss Stones had boarded a bus as a passenger and was on her way to her seat when the bus driver was forced to make an emergency stop due to someone running across a zebra crossing.

She fell and hit her head and after turning to us for help we were able to obtain a settlement for her of £2,690.

Total Compensation Awarded: £2,690
Mr Steven Mounter | Road Traffic Accident

“Great to deal with and has kept me informed all through the case with a great result.”

Mr Mounter was a passenger in a BMW that was hit by a reversing vehicle. He had pre-existing back problems, so suffered an exacerbation, which resulted in a three year care claim, in addition to his personal injury.

Having contacting Scott Rees & Co, we informed him of his right to claim for care and when the third party made an offer, we advised him to carefully weigh up the risk of rejecting and issuing versus accepting the offer.

In conclusion, Mr Mounter received a settlement of £10,000 for his personal injury and care.

Total Compensation Awarded: £10,000
Mr Andy Mullen | Road Traffic Accident

“Scott Rees took on my case and kept me informed throughout the whole process. Cliff Potter and his colleagues’ phoned, emailed and wrote letters so I was never in the dark about the situation at any given time.”

“I have every confidence in their service and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone and everyone. I cannot praise them highly enough. With such a high standard of professionalism, the positive outcome was inevitable.”

“Thank you for getting me through a difficult situation. I would certainly use your services in the future and would recommend my friends and family to do the same.”

Mr Mullen was a passenger, when the vehicle he was travelling in was forced into becoming stationary due to the size of the road and other vehicles travelling in the opposite direction trying to squeeze through.

As they sat stationary, waiting for other cars to pass, a car from behind collided with the vehicle Mr Mullen was travelling in, causing him injury to his neck, right shoulder and his spine.

After instructing Scott Rees & Co to help him with his claim for compensation, we managed to secure a settlement of £1,100 for Mr Mullen.

Total Compensation Awarded: £1,100
Mr Gary Gunner | Road Traffic Accident

“I would like to thank you, your teams, past and present, for all the time and effort you have put in on my behalf with dealing with my claim”.

Mr Gunner was driving along a road with several parked vehicles along the edges when the third party pulled out of a side road and collided into the side of his vehicle.

Following this he was suffering from stiffness in the neck and shoulder, pain in the right side of the body and had a sore rib cage and hip on the right hand side of his body.

He was unable to work in the immediate aftermath of the accident and found his usual daily routines hard to stick to; such was the degree of pain that he was in.

We were able to eventually get Mr Gunner a settlement of £11,500 for his claim.

Total Compensation Awarded: £11,500
Ms Somia Adams | Public Liability

See Somia Adams’s video testimonial

Ms Adams’ son was just three years old when a clothes rail fell and hit him on the head as his mum pushed him through a shop.

The boy suffered cuts and bruises as a result and we were able to secure a settlement of £1,000 for his claim.

Total Compensation Awarded: £1,000
Mr Khurram Tariq | Road Traffic Accident

See Khurram Tariq’s video testimonial

Mr Tariq came to us through our sister website, Claimteam after he was involved in a road traffic accident.

He was driving his car when the defendant collided with another vehicle before swerving into the side of his car as he proceeded, causing Mr Tariq to suffer whiplash.

Total Compensation Awarded: £4,203
Ms Rachel Szendzielarz | Accident at Work

See Rachel Szendzielarz’s video testimonial

Ms Szendzielarz was working in her job as a care worker. She suffered a dislocated thumb and damaged ligaments when a service user who had hold of her hand flung herself back from her zimmer frame.

An operation was required to insert wires to fuse her thumb into position as a result and upon submitting a claim against her employer, liability was denied throughout.

Scott Rees & Co managed to help her with a claim and she received £17,500.

Total Compensation Awarded: £17,500
Mr Bearman | Accident at Work

“Fantastic!!! Thank you for all your help, support and hard work. I almost wish the case had gone ahead just so I could meet you and shake your hand.”

The client was a furniture salesman who was involved in an accident at work. He was asked to move furniture displays but was not provided with any safety footwear. When he was moving a heavy sofa with a colleague the sofa was dropped on his foot.

Mr Bearman is diabetic and didn’t realise he had been injured until he got home where he noticed how bad his foot was. His injury required treatment and unfortunately an infection led to the loss of one is toes.

From here he submitted his claim with Scott Rees & Co and we were able to settle his case for £12,750 while Mr Bearman recovered from the effects of the accident.

Total Compensation Awarded: £12,750
Ms Bene Afolabi | Road Traffic Accident

See Bene Afolabi’s video testimonial

She was initially approached direct by the other driver’s insurer who tried to settle her claim direct.

Instead she opted to claim with Scott Rees & Co and we managed to recover £3,563 for her, not including the damage to her vehicle.

Total Compensation Awarded: £3,563
Mrs Susan Ullah | Road Traffic Accident

“Scott Rees handled my case really well and persevered to get me the maximum pay out for my injuries. The service was excellent and I was regularly kept informed of the progress on my case.”

Mrs Ullah was involved in a rear end shunt accident in 2012. As a result she suffered a whiplash injury for which liability was admitted but the defendant’s side disputed the suggested level of damages, which were valued at £2,500. Scott Rees were able to recover damages of up to £3,078 for Susan, as well as the full repairs and hire charges.

Total Compensation Awarded: £3,078
Mr Yesuraj Balasamy | Road Traffic Accident

“As a result of the success of my claim I have passed Scott Rees’ number on to a friend with a similar problem.”

Mr Balasamy was waiting at a roundabout when a bus proceeded around and misjudged the exit and collided with Mr Balasamy as he correctly proceeded onto the roundabout. Throughout this case several offers were made to Mr Balasamy of a 50/50 split in liability but he rightfully insisted that the accident was not his fault and we managed to settle the matter 3 days prior to trial on full liability. My Balasamy received a settlement of £3,500.

Total Compensation Awarded: £3,500
Miss Judith Heyfron | Occupiers Liability

“Thanks for all your hard work and great result.”

Miss Heyfron sustained an injury to her leg when a wooden plank negligently fell from a green grocer’s trolley, lacerating her leg. She was instructed by Scott Rees & Co who were able to assist her with her claim and get her a settlement of £3,500.

Total Compensation Awarded: £3,500
Miss Megan Woodcock | Road Traffic Accident

“The claim was dealt with swiftly and in a professional manner. Stephen helped to explain what was happening throughout the case and also assisted with the hire claim, which was a great relief as the hire company were quite unhelpful and aggressive with regards to the recovery of their fees.”

Miss Woodcock was injured in a road traffic accident after the third party pulled out from the side of a road and collided with her vehicle. Due to the third party not responding, Megan’s claim fell from the RTA Portal (Road Traffic Accident Portal) and court proceedings were therefore issued as there had been no admission of liability.

With our help the claim was settled on a 100% basis and the client received a settlement of £10,350 which was in excess of what Miss Woodcock expected. This included a hire claim which we managed to obtain from an external company who were being aggressive and unhelpful towards Megan.

Total Compensation Awarded: £10,350
Mr Kadir Ozdemir | Road Traffic Accident

“I was updated every time I called in. Scott Rees were quick, professional and 100% reliable. I would definitely recommend Scott Rees & Co to my friends and family.”

Mr Ozdemir was involved in a rear end shunt accident for which the third party did not admit liability for. We were able to get an order for the defendant to disclose their phone records to prove that they were on the phone at the time of the accident. We also managed to obtain from Mr Ozdemir’s evidence that he was on his way to a wedding to prove the facts.

The case was settled and Mr Ozdemir accepted an offer of £2,606.

Total Compensation Awarded: £2,606
Miss Susan Taylor | Road Traffic Accident

“Thank you for your care, consideration and help during the whole of the claim process. It has been greatly appreciated.”

Miss Taylor was a passenger in her friend’s vehicle when the accident occurred. The driver’s insurers agreed to deal on 100% without prejudice basis. Full details were sent but no offers were made within the time period so the claim was issued to court.

Scott Rees reassured Susan, who was very anxious about making the claim, as the driver of the vehicle was also not happy that his insurers were dealing with her claim. We issued to the defendant who then agreed to settle at the sum of £3,560.

Total Compensation Awarded: £3,560
Mr Paul Thomas | Accident at Work

“I would recommend Scott Rees & Co as they gave a friendly, helpful and professional service with constant communication throughout the whole process. I felt that they went above and beyond what I expected which resulted in a positive outcome.”

Mr Thomas suffered his injury at work after being asked to retrieve two heavy boxes containing a trailer (in flat pack form) for a customer, which were stored up a flight of stairs. As he was walking down the stairs carrying the boxes he sustained an injury to his achilles tendon.

Mr Thomas came to Scott Rees for help after a medical expert who had previously examined him claimed that due to a long standing problem with his achilles tendon it had just been a coincidence that it had snapped and therefore he was told he didn’t have a claim.

Through hard work we were able to obtain another medical report for Mr Thomas where, although the expert agreed that it he did have a longstanding problem with his achilles, he recommended that 50% of Mr Thomas’ symptoms were down to the accident itself and the claim was settled at £25,000.

Total Compensation Awarded: £25,000
Miss Gemma Dickens | Road Traffic Accident

“I felt comfortable talking to my solicitor on a one to one basis without feeling pressured. I met up with him on a couple of occasions to discuss my case, which reassured me.”

“When I went back to work they kept in touch by leaving me voicemails and emailing me; in the end I received an outstanding sum of money because of my solicitor’s hard work. I can’t thank him and Scott Rees & Co enough for years of hard work.”

Miss Dickens was riding her moped when she was hit by another vehicle back in 2008. As a result she suffered a significant injury to her right knee which after medical examinations it was recognised that its condition would deteriorate over time which in turn would affect her career as a swimming and fitness instructor.

Miss Dickens came to Scott Rees who advised her on the right course of action when several unsubstantial offers were made for settlement until we were able to agree an acceptable level of £120,000 just before court proceedings began.

Total Compensation Awarded: £120,000
Dr Robert Taylor CBE | Road Traffic Accident

“After my car was written off with the other driver claiming I was responsible for the crash but with no police prosecution, Scott Rees & Co took up my case and claim against the other driver.”

“I was given very reassuring advice at every stage of the process, coupled with very helpful detailed interviews and statements, including a barrister and medical specialist. All at no cost to myself with reassurances that as long as I followed their advice, any costs on my part were covered.”

“After a long year – a delay not due to Scott Rees & Co, we went to court to claim damages; the other driver capitulated and offered two-thirds of my claim, which, following advice, I accepted – much to my relief that whole episode is now closed with some financial compensation in the end.”

Dr Taylor was involved in a road collision accident. Although there was nothing unusual about the case Scott Rees did uncover a crucial witness to the accident that Dr Taylor was unaware of after carrying out some investigations with the police. The witness’ evidence proved vital as the other side had also found a witness and as a result Dr Taylor was awarded a settlement of £1,000.

Total Compensation Awarded: £1,000
Miss Susan Atkinson | Slip & Trip

“After a fall and breaking my wrist, I was put in touch with Scott Rees & Co a firm of solicitors that deal with accident claims.”

“Right from receiving a call from their office they took me through the whole claim procedure step by step, keeping in touch with me by email and backed with hard copies of any forms, statements etc that needed my attention.”

“Nicola my solicitor was always at the other end of the phone, to explain any letter or form etc that needed me to understand the legal jargon, and explained it to me in a language that ordinary people can understand.”

“When we were given the court date, it was a long way from where I lived and I was upset I would have to get myself there early on that morning, feeling nervous of having to go to court, Nicola said not to worry and if need be she would pick me up herself and drive me there.”

“In the end the other side settled out of court. I would like to thank Scott Rees & Co, and Nicola Stanwix my solicitor for all her help and client care, during my claim.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you.”

Miss Atkinson suffered a broken wrist as a result of a slipping on ice when walking down a driveway to some garages by her property.

Work had been done on the driveway prior to her slip which included a wall that previously provided shelter from the elements being moved back from the road and therefore the shelter was removed, resulting in nothing to hold on to when walking down what is a steep driveway.

Liability was never admitted by those who carried out the work and court proceedings were issued where Scott Rees & Co managed to get a settlement of £3,000 for Miss Atkinson.

Total Compensation Awarded: £3,000
Mrs Hazel Chatfield | Slip & Trip

“Scott Rees handled my claim so professionally & I appreciated the way I was regularly kept informed about my claim. I received the utmost care & attention for which I thank you.”

Mrs Chatfield was attending a wedding when she tripped over some loose wires on the dance floor, causing her to split her head open and damage her elbows.

After liability was admitted Scott Rees & Co proceeded with Mrs Chatfield’s claim and managed to win her a settlement of £4,000 for her injuries.

Total Compensation Awarded: £4,000
Mr Paul Webb | Public liability claim

“Gemma Green was the solicitor who handled my accident claim. She was professional, understanding, polite and very helpful”.

“Gemma resolved all my concerns, explaining both advantages and pitfalls of my claim with professionalism. She gave understanding to both myself and my family and was successful in winning my claim.”

“I would without any hesitation recommend Scott Rees Solicitors.”

Mr Webb was injured when he tripped on a pothole on the pavement outside his home. Pre-accident he had reported the defect to the defendant (Essex County Council) on a number of occasions and was in active correspondence with them at the time of the incident.

He had returned from holiday during the early hours of the morning. He was getting out of a car and put his walking stick onto the ground to help him push himself upright.

The walking stick went into the defect and sunk into the pavement as he put his weight on the stick, which caused him to fall, causing his injuries.

The defendant denied liability and attempted to argue that the client had reported his accident to them prior to the accident date. This was not the case as they had misread their own documentation, therefore proceedings were issued.

Witness statements were obtained from Mr Webb’s wife and son who were present at the time of the accident and then disclosed to the defendant, together with the client’s medical records which confirmed the accident date.

Following this they then agreed to settle the claim with an element of contributory negligence, as the client was aware of the defect pre-accident. The claim settled for £5,000.

Total Compensation Awarded: £5,000
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